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Un-Bridled Brilliance!

Our School Lunch Stories from the Pandemic Year

We have learned much about ourselves. We have found strength within ourselves that we didn’t know we had and have seen the value of the work we do recognized by others nationwide.  The past year has vividly shown the importance of school meals.  Alissa Rumsey, RD, quoted in US News & World Report in 2018, made this observation: 

Food is not just nutrition and fuel for our bodies; it is part of our history, our culture, our family.

I believe each one of you has a story from the past year that that supports this observation.  When I was installed as president last July, I promised to help you tell your stories.  Now I’m asking for your help.

How have your experiences over the past year affected you?  How have you grown and changed?  What changes have you seen in your community?   What changes have you seen in the kids you serve? 

Send me your stories!  Just a few sentences, or as much as you would like to share.  We will compile your stories into a booklet form, creating a remembrance of this year. 

Send your stories on or before June 1st by following the below instructions:

  • Click on “Contact Us” in the toolbar at the top of this page
  • When the contact page opens click on “Contact Us” in the middle of the page
  • Fill in your name, and email, then tell us your story in the comment box and submit

  I would love to have something from each member.  You are all stars!  Every star adds another light, adding to our Un-Bridled Brilliance!

2021 Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available to members each year.  They are sponsored by Hobart/ITWFEG, DDS, and WSNA.  To apply for these scholarships, go to the Membership/Certificate tab on the toolbar above and select "Scholarships"  This will take you to the page with information on the scholarships and links to the applications.

This year we have a conference scholarship available from TOOLS FOR SCHOOLS.  They are offering 3 - $50 scholarships to defray the cost of conference.  You can apply for this scholarship by CLICKING HERE.

The Deadline to Apply For All Scholarships Is June 30, 2021.

WSNA ANNUAL STATE CONFERENCE 2021:  Conference registration will open soon.  You will receive an email in the next few days with all the details and the ability to register.  To view the Conference Program, CLICK HERE.