About Us


Nourish and educate students in support of lifelong success

Our Mission

Engage, educate and empower School Nutrition professionals to advance accessibility, quality and integrity of school nutrition programs

Our Vision

Every student has access to nutritious meals, to strengthen their health and well-being

Our Core Values

Integrity:  Always act ethically and responsibly Inclusion:  Embrace diverse perspectives and ideas Collaboration:  Educate and share strategies, solutions  to achieve professional excellence Commitment:  Embody care and compassion for student well-being Innovation:  Drive change with creativity and strategic thinking Courage:  Resolve to protect and advocate for school nutrition programs  

Who Are We?

We are a statewide nonprofit association of school nutrition professionals, industry representatives, and others who are committed to furthering the goals of the organization. With the goal of providing nutritious meals for children, we place a strong emphasis on the continuing education of all child nutrition professionals by sponsoring workshops, conferences and trainings. Our 2,400 members touch the lives of children in Washington State every day.